International-WORKSHOP I สัมมนาเชิงปฎิบัติการ
Workshop Overview
The Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University, and the School of Engineering and Information Technology, Semyung University established a long-term, stable and friendly relationship of cooperation for mutual benefit to learn and exchange academic cooperation. Therefore, the first ‘International Architecture Design Workshop in 2018 (IADW2018)’ was held in Jeonju, Republic of Korea during January 29, 2018 to February 1, 2018. The workshop focused on design and development of the city and her built environment to create a proposal for local development. It is clear from the feedback and the engagement of students that the workshop was of great benefit for our students and should be continued.

The Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University is pleased to have the opportunity to host an International Architecture Design Workshop in 2019 (IADW2019). This is a great opportunity for both universities’ bachelor students to participating in fieldwork at Chachoengsao Municipality to exchange and enrichment of experiences for both students and faculty members. Chachoengsao province is slated for a residential area and smart city ramp-up to accommodate people who work in the government's ambitious Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). In contrary, the province is also steeped in history and makes for the perfect destination for travelers who want to fully immerse themselves in Thailand's culture. Part of this culture is the geniality characteristic of the locals. 
With the problem based learning, workshop outcome is possible to be a part of the Municipality's Action Plan, which could be implemented in the next future. The workshop will be held during January 24-29, 2019 at the Faculty of Architecture. Kasetsart University and Chachoengsao Municipality. During the fieldwork on January 24-27, 2019, the workshop will provide three special lectures by experts on: 1) Urban settlements and development in Chachoengsao, 2) Urban Regeneration: theory and methods, and 3) Water-based settlements: the case of central lowland and Bangpakong River. The workshop outcome could be beneficial to both universities by sharing their ideas and recruiting the knowledge from local people to distill and share lessons learned from experiences in response to EEC development plan on the comprehensive cultural setting of Chachoengsao and the Bangpakong River .

Workshop outline
Host: Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University
Organizing Team: Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University
Theme: Urban Development in response to EEC development plan
Date:  24-29 January 2019 (6 days)
Duration: 6 days (excluding a half day trip to architectural firm in Bangkok)
Venue: Chachoengsao (4 days) and Kasetsart University, Bangkok (2 days)
Sponsors: Chachoengsao Municipality, Knowledge Center of Chachoengsao (KCC), Chachoengsao Chamber of Commerce, Tang Seng Jua (A famous dessert shop in Chanchoengsao), Oui Jaime Hotel
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